Change Your Mindset – It Might Just Save You A Million Dollars

This will be short, sweet, and might just make you a millionaire. 752 – the magic number that is going to change the way you look at money and spending.

When you think about your spending how do you frame it? Most people might frame it on a weekly basis, some a monthly, the odd person yearly and many I’m sure don’t frame it all. I have begun to frame mine on a decade basis. By moving the bar so far out you can get a true perspective of how much you seemingly little habits truly cost you. I had never considered thinking this way until I read a post by Mr Money Mostache about this mind frame. Essential he argues in order to achieve financial greatness we need to adopt a long-term mindframe and scrub the short-term outlook most of us currently have.

What does 752 represent you might ask? Times any weekly expense by 752 and you get the cost over a decade including the 7% compound interest you could have earned if you had saved that mollah instead. Looking at a bunch of regular purchase habits in this perspective things get scary. A flat white each workday at $4.50 will cost actually cost you $16,920. I know…


That’s a fuck load of money right. if you were to cut you little caffeine habit down to three coffees a week you would save yourself $6798.

Let’s look at some other common ones, and here is where over a lifetime the difference can end up being a millionaire or drowned in poverty. Choosing to drive to work instead of walk or take the bus. Let’s say you use a tank of gas per week (around $80 for most cars) and pay parking each day ($10 if you’re an early bird), so $130 a week in transport. Over a decade this is going to cost you $97,760, over a 45-year working life that becomes $2,071,818. That shit is insane. Taking the bus on the other hand, at $10 per day ($50pw) costs you $796,853. A difference of $1,274,965. LITERAL MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! 

I know that that is just napkin math but I hope I’ve proved my point if you want to end up driving the Bugatti not the Mitsushitty you need to sort your shit and change the way you think about your spending, its time to adopt a long-term mindframe.

If you want to have a play around with your own figures use this future value calculator or this one.

To finish this one off here’s a little motivation from everybody’s favourite BJ 😏

Beware of small expenses, a small leak can sink a great ship – Benjamin Franklin

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One thought on “Change Your Mindset – It Might Just Save You A Million Dollars

  1. It’s the little things that add up, isn’t it!

    I have the same opinion, got to change one’s life to make a change that’s important.

    The hard part is: If you want to change your life, you have to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

    Step 1: Change.
    Step 2: More.
    But let me admit it, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it!


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