How Emotion Lost Me 100%

Emotion - it's a savvy investors worst enemy, let it seep into your decision making and you're going to end up hurt. Emotion and misplaced faith in a company are what lost me 100% of my investment. So far my worst investment yet. It was about a year into my dabbling in the stock market, so far I had purchased only large NZX50 companies such as Summerset, Air New Zealand, and Chorus. They all turned out to be solid investments and reasonably safe.


How to get to Wall Street, and not end up on Wallow Way

Brace yourselves this isn't one of my shorter pieces, but it's a must-read. Investing, it can be pretty daunting for first timers there is a lot to sift through and a lot to learn. So I thought I'd cover some of the basics for when you've got some spare moolah to throw around. If you're not sure how to find some spare cash start here and here.

Are Your Investments in Harmoney?

The other morning I came across this article about borrowers seeking loans from non-traditional sources, one such source being Peer-to-Peer lending. I had read about peer to peer lending previously and was familiar with the concept although had never gone much more into it than that. This article perked my interest, so I went and explored a New Zealand based peer-to-peer lending platform, Harmoney. Harmoney works by connecting those who are looking to borrow money with those who are willing to lend it. It does a lot of middleman man work like credit ranking borrowers and rating them based on their risk profile.